Frequently asked questions

Do you take special request for plants not listed on your site?

Yes we do. Simply go to the contact form and submit your request. A team member will respond within 1 - 2 days regarding the availability of your item.

Do you work with businesses?

Absolutely. Please go to the contact form and submit to us your request. A team member will contact you within 1 - 2 days to discuss your project.

Are your plants safe for children and pets?

Most of the plants that we offer are safe for children and pets to touch. However, these plants should not be ingested by pets or children. If you have safety concerns regarding any plants sold on our site, we would highly recommend that you research the plant before purchasing.

Do you have a store where I can go to see the plants in person?

Leafy Green Creation's operations is exclusively online. However, every weekend, we host a Pop Up Shop and Curbside event for customers who have previously placed orders and prefer to pick up their items. We also invite those who are not familar with our offerings to come and see our plants in person.

Do you offer gift cards?

Gift cards are not available at this time however, we are working to offer this service shortly.

Are pots sold with all plants?

Pots are sold with most plants but not all. We will make every effort to note on each plant which plants are sold with pots.

Will LGC offer Pop-Up/Curbside Pick stores at other locations in  the Southern California region other than Westchester?

Yes, LGC welcomes suggestions from customers for locations to host our Pop-Up/Curbside Pick-up stores. We prefer locations that are spacious like a parking lot. The location must be convienently located and easy for our customers to drive up or park. Most important, the location must be free of charge. If you would like to submit your suggestions, use the contact form.