• The Areca Palm is one of the most popular indoor and outdoor palms. Native to Madagascar, Areca Palms are known for their beautiful, lush fronds that provide a tropical touch to home interiors and improves indoor humidity. When grown indoors, areca palms can grow up to 7ft tall. When grown outdoors, they can grow up to 39 ft. tall.

    6ft Areca Palm w/ Planter and Stand

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    • Light - Indoor or Outdoor: Areca palms thrive best in shaded or bright indirect light. Lower light and direct sunlight conditions should be avoided. 

      Watering: Areca Palms are very sensitive to overwatering and should be watered with caution. During the spring and summer, they like their soil to be consistenly moist. You should never allow the soil to completely dry out. Allow the top few inches of the soil to dry out before watering.