• The Cordyline Fruticosa is the perfect plant if you are want to add a dramatic pop of color to your home. The Cordyline Fruticosa is an evergreen shrub that produces a deep red foliage with hints of pink. It's native habitat is tropical Southeast Asia, eastern Australia and some Pacific islands including Hawaii.
    The Cordyline Fruticosa needs bright light in order to thrive. If grown indoors, you should place it in medium to bright indirect light. If grown outdoors, it is best to place the Cordyline in a shaded area. Direct sunlight can be too harsh for the plant to thrive. If the foliage is not receving enough sunlight, the variegation of the leaves will start to turn dull and green. 
    It is best to water your Cordyline with purified, distilled or filtered water. Tap water can have excess fluride that will cause the leaves to turn brown. Allow the top 1 to 2 inches of soil to dry out before watering your plant and then give it plant a good soak. Be sure that the water is throughly draining out of the pot to prevent overwatering. The Cordyline Fruticosa is drought tolerant but if you keep the soil dry for too long, you will notice browning on the edges of the leaves. 

    3ft. Cordyline Fruticosa

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