Ficus bonsai’s are beautiful miniature trees that are simple to care for and are known for their unique appearance. They symbolize good luck, new beginnings , harmony , abundance and simplicity. They make wonderful gifts and will bring life to any home! 

Ficus Bonsai (US Shipping Only)

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  • Light: Ficus bonsai's can adapt to lower light conditions but this plant will thrive best in bright indirect light. 

    Watering: Water this plant when the top few inches of the soil is dry. This plant likes to keep its soil most but be careful not to overwater your plant. Throughly drain the soil after watering your plant. 

    Pruning: Ficus bonsai's are fast growers and should be pruned year round to retain the plants shape. Use scissors to remove any dead, withered leaves or leaves that are outgrown.