Lace Aloe Vera

The Lace Aloe, or Aloe aristata plant is a low-growing plant, which is mostly found in South Africa. It has fleshy, soft-spined dark green leaves, which have white bumps. As the weather changes, the leaves tend to change color and orange-red flowers grow on the long stems.  When this plant is growing, watering it is necessary or it will dry out. It’s best to keep watering the soil in the pot regularly if you want the roots to remain moist. When the plant is fully grown, you should water it less often but make sure the soil doesn’t lose moisture completely.  These plants thrives under bright light. Even if you don’t expose it to the sun at all times of the day, make sure to keep it in a lit room, potentially under grow lights. It will ultimately stop growing if it is not kept near a south facing window for long periods of time.


Snake Plant

Sansevieria, better known as Snake Plants, are hardy specimens that are more tolerant of imperfect environmental conditions than almost any other houseplant. One of the easiest plants in the world to care for, anybody can add a pop of green to their space with one of these!  Always be sure to assess your plant’s watering needs upon receiving it. Before giving your plant a drink, it is best to check the moisture level in the soil first to ensure it isn’t moist right beneath the surface. Even if your plant is placed in ample bright indirect light, you won’t need to water it more than once every 10 days (at most) during the growing season. During the winter months or if the plant is in low light, it can need watering as infrequently as once a month.

Lace Aloe Vera & Snake Plant

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